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May 5, 2015

There are thermostats, and then there is the Nest thermostat. The Nest thermostat is a smart thermostat, but it is far more than that – it actually learns. It learns your habits and your heating and cooling patterns so that it can manage your HVAC system on its own. And now the power of Nest has been added to Daikin heating and cooling products, of which Comfort Zone Heating & Air are proud purveyors. So why consider a Nest thermostat for your Acworth, GA, home? Let’s take a look.

Using Nest Sense

Nest thermostats learn by using its core technology, called Nest Sense. Nest Sense gathers information for the thermostat and uses it to develop and execute your cooling and heating. What is Nest Sense comprised of? Here is an overview:

  • Three separate temperature sensors
  • A humidistat
  • Light and motion sensors that can pick up all activity in a room at a 150 degree angle
  • An internet connection that uses your home’s zip code to gather real-time information about the weather

What does Nest do with all this information? It develops a schedule for your heating and cooling that includes programming for every day and different times of day, and it also accommodates for the times you aren’t at home. But you have the ultimate control over your Nest, because you can access it from any smart device, any time you have an internet connection.

Benefits of Using Nest

  • Remote access from anywhere there’s an internet connection
  • Learns your habits and preferences, so there’s no complex programming
  • Can reduce your energy usage up to 20%
  • Sends a monthly energy report
  • System alerts you when you are saving energy

To gain all the benefits a Nest thermostat offers, it’s imperative to hire an expert for installation, and this where we come in. Our experts can install your Nest thermostat and teach you how to use the system so you can maximize its benefits; we can also trouble-shoot problems with an existing one. Interested to see what a Nest thermostat can do for your home? Call us today!

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