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September 26, 2016

We’re enjoying wonderful weather here in Georgia right now as we sail through the first week of the fall. It’s hard to imagine that there’s cold weather not far ahead… but make no mistake, it’s going to arrive, and it’s important to make certain that you home is ready for it.

Right now is a good time for you to take stock of the furnace in your home. (You probably have a furnace, since this is the most common type of residential heater in the country.) If your old furnace is coming close to the end of its service life, call us to arrange for a new installation. We’re currently offering an installation special for any size multi-speed furnace, only $1499.

But how can I tell if my furnace is ready to be replaced?

This is a good question, and it’s wise for you to take into careful consideration a number of factors about your current furnace to help you make the choice:

  • System age: A furnace that receives regular annual maintenance and prompt repairs as needed can last for 15 to 20 years. But if your furnace is older than 20 years, it’s prudent to have it replaced—even if it’s still managing to do its job.
  • Repair costs: Look over how much you’ve paid in repairs during the last few years to keep the furnace running. Since a furnace needs the majority of its repairs during the last two years of its service life, an increase in repair costs is a major red flag that you need to replace the furnace. If those repair costs are greater than $500 a year, a new furnace is the best option.
  • Rising winter utility bills: How much do you usually expect to pay during the winter to keep your house warm? Make a comparison over the past few years. If the price has started to rise, and maintenance hasn’t done anything to reverse the trend, you probably have a slowly expiring furnace. Putting in a new one, especially an energy-efficient multi-speed furnace, will start saving you money immediately.

If you’re unsure about installing a new system, call our HVAC professionals and they can help you make the decision with expert input.

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