Atlanta, GA Heating Tip: Properly Size Your HVAC System
September 23, 2013

You have a top-of-the-line heating system, or an older model with superb maintenance history—but you never seem to get the right amount of heat spread evenly through your home. Have you experienced this before? There’s a good chance you have an improperly sized heater. If you are now looking to install a heating system, whether for a new home or as a replacement, you don’t want to have an improperly sized heater causing the same problem. How can you determine the size that will do the job?

We know you want to get the most efficient, effective heating in Atlanta, GA, where we get an average of 48 days per year of below freezing weather. For the professional help you need to size you heating system, contact Comfort Zone Heating & Air.

The first thing to know about heater sizing: going too big is as bad as going too small. You may automatically think that cool spots in your home mean the heater isn’t large enough. But a heater that reaches its target temperature too fast will shut down prematurely, keeping the heat from spreading everywhere you need it. A large system will shut on and off frequently, elevating energy bills and overworking itself into repairs.

To find out what size heater you need for maximum comfort, you need to consider more than your home’s square footage. How many people live in your house? How many windows are there? How much energy radiates from lights and appliances? How effective is your insulation? Although you can make estimates about each of these, the best method is to bring in an HVAC specialist to perform a heat load calculation. This complex equation requires specialized measurement equipment. An expert technician should arrive at an ideal estimate of your heating needs after it is done.

Getting the correctly size heater also depends on the type you plan to install. Furnaces and heat pumps have different capabilities. A professional may advise you switch to a different heater to accommodate your home’s needs.

You don’t want to have a new heating system installed only to discover it is too small to get your home comfortable or too large to work efficiently. Don’t guess at the size you need, or rely on amateur and inexperienced assistance. Hire knowledgeable technicians with a history of successful installations and satisfied customers. Comfort Zone Heating & Air has delivered for our clients in Atlanta, GA for heating services since 1987. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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