Make Your Heating Installation Really about AC Installation
October 31, 2016

Although temperatures can reach unpleasantly cool levels in Georgia during the winter, most of our focus here when it comes to temperatures during the year is on staying cool. Our air conditioning systems do much more work than our furnaces.

Because of this interest in air conditioner over than heating, it’s too easy to put off installing a heating system year after year—even when a home desperately needs a replacement. Our advice is to make your heating installation into an air conditioning installation. How do you do that?

Easy… Put in a Heat Pump!

You may have heard about heat pumps but not known much about what they do. Because their name contains the word heat, they sound like they are straight-forward heating systems. But the truth is that a heat pump is in many ways identical to an air conditioner. It uses a compressor to circulate refrigerant between indoor and outdoor units, removing thermal energy from one area and then releasing it in another. An air conditioner takes heat from inside a house and then exhausts it outside.

What a heat pump does with this cycle is simply reverse it. During the long warm season in Georgia, a heat pump will run just like an air conditioner. But with just a single change to the thermostat, a signal goes to a part called the reversing valve and alters the direction the refrigerant flows—and this causes the heat pump to remove heat from the outside and bring it inside. Presto! Your air conditioning system is now a heating system.

Because heat pumps work best in mild climates, they’re an ideal way to solve a home’s need for warmth in a place like Georgia, while still delivering the highest levels of air conditioning performance for the rest of the year. To find out more about using a heat pump for your home, call up our technicians today!

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