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Heating and cooling tips for saving cash
March 15, 2019

While we move from winter to spring, it can be expensive to heat and cool your house due to the fluctuating temperatures outdoors. If you’re looking to save on energy costs this season, here are a few easy-to-implement tips.

  1. Install a smart thermostat. There are thermostats on the market now like Nest that learn your heating and cooling schedule and automatically adjust based on your routine. Since they can be controlled from your phone, you can adjust your thermostat even while you’re away. By keeping your system from running full force all the time, smart thermostats help you save on energy costs.
  2. Insulate your attic. Help keep your HVAC unit from working overtime by making sure your insulation is up to par. Sufficient insulation for your attic can help cut down on monthly energy costs.
  3. Seal your doors and windows. While you’re preparing to start spring cleaning, take the opportunity to make sure your weather stripping and caulking is in good shape. If needed, make the repairs necessary to prevent air leakage. Keeping your preferred temperature inside is easier when the outside air isn’t coming in through these spaces.
  4. Check your water heater. If your water heater is older, consider replacing. If it still has some life left, invest in a water heater blanket to help keep it insulated, which will cut down on heating costs. 
  5. Move your furniture. Do a quick walk-through of your home and make sure your vents are not covered by furniture or rugs. If they are, consider rearranging. Blocking the vents makes the whole HVAC system work harder, using more energy, and can take a toll on its lifespan.   
  6. Clean your furnace and vents. A clean system has to work less hard, which should both extend its life and help keep energy costs down. 
  7. Invest in regular maintenance. By making sure your HVAC system is regularly serviced, you help make sure that it’s running as efficiently as possible. If it is running smoothly, that means less cost as well as fewer surprises in the form of repairs or replacements. Our Comfort Club Maintenance Plan can help provide you with the peace of mind this brings.
  8. Replace your air filters. Keeping your filters clear will help increase efficiency. Replacing them each month also helps ensure that your machine will not wear out faster than it should.

Heating and cooling your home doesn’t have to break the bank. If you follow these simple tips, your system should stay in better shape and your monthly energy costs should be lower. If you need advice, maintenance, or repairs, we’re here to help.

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