Improper Voltage and Air Conditioning Repair in Atlanta
September 9, 2013

To stay comfortable inside your home in the humid and hot weather of Georgia, you depend on a reliable air conditioner. However, the power in your home may not be the right fit for your AC’s needs. Improper voltage, either too high or too low, can cause severe problems. In this post, we have some information from our Atlanta air conditioning repair experts about the effects of having an improper voltage powering your AC.

The most common voltage for an air conditioner is 240V. If the voltage is too high, you risk shorting out the components inside the air conditioning. Most modern air conditioners have an internal fuse to prevent damage if they receive excessive power. Replacing the internal fuse should be done by a professional, so consult a trained HVAC technician before you break out your own toolkit.

However, lower voltage can be just as much a problem. It may sound like the worst that might happen is that the AC won’t turn on or won’t function efficiently. But low line voltage can force your air conditioner to “hard start” each time it switches on, which will eventually damage the compressor. The compressor is a vital part of your AC, since it circulates the coolant through the unit. A compressor that gets overloaded from hard starts risks a break down—leaving you with no cool air.

An expert technician may recommend you use a voltage regulator for your air conditioner. This device will stabilize the voltage fed into your AC. There are many types of voltage regulators, so ask for the technician’s help in selecting the correct one for your needs.

If you are having any difficulty because of improper voltage impairing your air conditioners’ performance, you should call expert help to diagnose the problem and offer solutions, whether it is using a voltage regulator or installing a different air conditioning system. Comfort Zone Heating & Air has a staff of highly-trained technicians who can assist you with voltage issues that may be causing trouble. We are experts at air conditioning repair in Atlanta, and have brought satisfaction to our customers for years. Call us today to schedule an appointment!


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