Avoiding Air Conditioning Repair in Atlanta | Comfort Zone
August 6, 2013

In a functioning air conditioning system, the blower fan pushes air over the evaporator coils which contain cooled refrigerant, sending cold air into your home. If your fan becomes damaged, you’ll definitely feel it, especially in Atlanta where summer temperatures and humidity can really climb. Before calling an air conditioning repair specialist, it helps to know what you’re facing. How can you tell if you have a damaged fan and what are the overall effects? A few pointers can be found below.

If the fan blades themselves are damaged or misaligned, they won’t blow the cool air into your house as efficiently, which means the air flow coming out of your vents will drop or vanish entirely. The same thing will happen if the fan’s motor becomes damaged: it won’t turn the fan or will turn it only sporadically, reducing the flow of air through the system. In addition to lowering your air conditioning system’s efficiency, a stalled fan can damage other components in the system; ice can form on the coils, for example, created by excessive cool air that the fan isn’t distributing.

A fan with twisted or bent blades can cause similar damage to other components: grinding up against them and creating excessive wear and tear on both. The good news is that such a state tends to make a lot of noise, alerting you to the problem and allowing you to call in a trained professional to fix it. Even if the bent fan blades don’t scrape against some other part of the air conditioning, they’ll still reduce the unit’s efficiency and keep cool air from blowing into your home as swiftly as you might like. Fixing or replacing the bent fan should correct the overall problem.

If you suspect your air conditioning fan has been damaged, don’t try to run the AC system. Instead, call the specialists at Comfort Zone Heating & Air. We handle air conditioning repair in Atlanta, with an emphasis on customer satisfaction and quality work. Schedule an appointment today for us to inspect your damaged fan and discuss possible solutions.

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