Atlanta AC Repair FAQ: What Causes an AC to Overheat?
July 15, 2013

We don’t often think about our air conditioning system, until it overheats and forces us to call in the professionals. Air conditioning repair services in Atlanta deal with a number of issues, particularly during the summer when the heat rises. But what, specifically, causes an AC to overheat… and more importantly, what signs can you look for to spot the problem before it results in a big air conditioning repair bill?

The most common cause of A/C overheating problems is the compressor unit, which compresses refrigerant gas into a liquid state before releasing it into the condenser coils. In order to function properly, the compressor needs adequate ventilation and proper coolant levels. When lacking one or more of those elements, it can get very hot very quickly, causing the whole system to overheat. Regular use often compounds these issues, since the compressor needs to work harder to get your home down to the desired temperature. Summer in Atlanta makes air conditioning an absolute necessity… and when coupled with a problem such as a dirty fan or low coolant levels, all that use can increase the chances of overheating.

These kinds of issues can be avoided with proper maintenance and regular check-ups by a qualified air conditioning repair technician. Cleaning dirt from the fan helps keep the compressor ventilated, while a proper refrigerant charge ensures that the compressor never strains to maintain the right temperature. Keeping “non-condensables” – liquid and gas that interfere with the AC’s functioning – out of the system helps the compressor stay efficient and prevents excess strain on its moving parts. Routine maintenance service can address these issues well before the system overheats.

When the time comes to perform those all-important checks, look to Comfort Zone Heating & Air to do the job right. With over 100 years combined experience in Atlanta air conditioning repair, we know how to prevent overheating, instead of just fixing the damage after it occurs. Our trained technicians are dedicated to thorough inspections without cutting corners, and we pride ourselves on high levels of customer satisfaction. Call us to arrange a service visit today!

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