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August 7, 2017

Let’s Find Some Ways to Save on Cooling Costs in Late Summer

Here are some tips for reining in the high costs of air conditioning during the late summer season.

May 1, 2017

Don’t Let Time Run Out on Getting Your AC Tuned-Up for Summer

Maintaining an AC must be done each year, and spring is the ideal time: it beats out the heat and cuts out the wait time when something else might go wrong.

April 3, 2017

Some Signs That, Yes, You Ought to Replace Your Air Conditioner

There are warning signs from an air conditioner that will give you the heads-up about a replacement even before regular maintenance.

March 20, 2017

Understanding Air Conditioning System Energy Efficiency

You want to have time to consider your new air conditioning system options. One important consideration in choosing a new system is its energy efficiency.

March 6, 2017

The Lambs and Lions of March Weather: Be Ready with Your AC!

Making sure that your AC is ready for the challenge of another hot and humid Georgia summer is an essential part of the spring.

February 20, 2017

Steps for Moving from the Furnace to the Air Conditioner

There are steps we recommend you take during to help make the change over to the air conditioner so that you have energy efficiency and safety for the summer.

February 6, 2017

Start Planning to Save on Air Conditioning Bills

Do those air conditioning bills need to be so high? Chances are they’re higher than they need to be.

January 16, 2017

Tips for Preparing Your AC for the Warmer Weather

Right now is a good time to consider what to do to help prepare your air conditioner for the hot weather ahead. You never want it to go back into full operation without some important checks and maintenance tasks.

January 2, 2017

When Should I Start Thinking about Air Conditioning Maintenance?

There are a number of important jobs necessary to keep an air conditioning system operating at its best. The essential step is annual maintenance before the warm weather.

June 6, 2016

Guide for How Often to Change Your HVAC System’s Air Filter

We’ve written before about the importance of regularly changing the air filter in your HVAC system during the year as part of regular maintenance. If you allow the filter on your AC/furnace to become clogged over time with dust and other debris, it will seriously cut into the system’s energy efficiency and lead to malfunctions and short-cycling.

May 2, 2016

Why You Can’t Maintain Your Air Conditioning System on Your Own

One of the best investments you can make during the year when it comes to your family’s comfort and your energy budget is to schedule spring maintenance for your air conditioning system. All it takes is a call to a professional who offers regular maintenance services, and your AC will receive a complete inspection, cleaning, and tune-up that will see that it works well through the summer.

March 28, 2016

The Importance of the Compressor in Your Air Conditioning System

As we move into spring, air conditioning systems will start to perform more and more work to keep houses cooled down. The stress level will rise as the summer approaches, which is why it’s vital that you have your residential AC professionally maintained at this time of the year. This

March 14, 2016

Maintenance Is Absolutely Necessary for Your AC This Spring

The official start of spring is almost here, and temperatures are warming up. You’re probably looking forward to the change in the weather—but you also need to make sure your home’s cooling system is prepared as well.

April 27, 2015

The Effects of Low Refrigerant Levels on your Air Conditioner

The South is known for its hot and humid summers, and with April giving way to May, residents of Canton, GA may want to schedule a maintenance session to ensure that their air conditioners are functioning at peak capacity when the weather gets warm.

April 20, 2015

Spring Maintenance for Your AC: What It Is and Why It’s Important

Spring. It’s the time of renewal, of laundry hanging outside again and a time for major cleaning and maintenance of your Alpharetta, GA, home. One item that should never be left off the spring cleaning list is your whole home air conditioner. There can be a lot of misconceptions about what maintenance is, which can lead to homeowners skipping over it season after season.

April 11, 2012

Atlanta Air Conditioning Tip: What Professional AC Maintenance Includes

Besides the cool air, what we like most about air conditioning in Atlanta is that we don’t have to do anything to still live in a cool climate when it’s boiling outside. With programmed thermostats adjusting the temperatures automatically…