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Comfort Zone Heating & Cooling offers top quality, professional HVAC services from Canton to Chamblee across North Georgia.


Keeping you in your ideal comfort zone keeps us in business. Our regularly scheduled maintenance visits are affordable, dependable and professional.


Customers are always complimenting us on our service and heating and cooling repairs. But instead of getting a big head about it, we put our heads down and try a little harder. It’s all the little things we do that set us apart from those giant HVAC companies.


Is your system more than 10 years old? Are you spending money on repairs? Are your energy bills going up? Use this Grid to weigh up these factors when deciding whether to repair or replace your heating or cooling system. Or, simply give us a call and we’ll give you an expert, truthful opinion you can trust.

What do HVAC, insulation, and commercial services all have in common? The experts at Comfort Zone Heating & Cooling. Our specialists offer comprehensive services for your home or business in all of these specialties, and the list doesn’t stop there. One of the great benefits of having these kinds of service offerings under one company is that you don’t have to coordinate multiple providers for various appointments; but the additional value comes when you hire our experts. Why? Our specialists bring over 100 years of combined experience and expertise to every job, and we are available day or night. We specialize in a wide variety of system types and are proud purveyors of Daikin products.

Let us help you keep your home or commercial property comfortable, efficient, and updated with our air conditioning and heating services in Sandy Springs, GA. Call us today!

Let Us Handle Your Air Conditioning Services in Sandy Springs, GA

Air conditioning is to summer in Sandy Springs, GA, as freezers are to ice cream: you really can’t be without it. This is one of the reasons why Comfort Zone Heating & Cooling offers comprehensive air conditioning services to our customers. Whether you need a new air conditioner for a newly–built home or have a refrigerant leak that needs repair in an existing AC system, we are the people to call. Our experts are trained and certified, so they can handle all your AC needs, including installation, repair, replacement and annual maintenance. If you’ve been looking for reliable, professional help for your air conditioner, call us today!

We Offer Air Conditioning Installation

Did you know that installing an air conditioner that is too big for your home will cause you the same amount of problems as installing an air conditioner that is too small for your home? When you work with our experts, sizing is just one of the many tasks we perform to ensure that your AC is the perfect fit for you, your family, and your cooling needs. We specialize in a number of brands and types of AC systems and bring years of expertise to each air conditioning installation job – and best of all, we’re just a phone call away!

We Offer Air Conditioning Repair

There are a lot of television shows and online videos that make all kinds of home repairs look easy, including air conditioning repair. The truth is, your AC is a complex mechanical system, and more importantly, only certified experts are allowed to handle refrigerant, which runs through every whole home AC. However, when you call for one of our trained specialists, you won’t have to worry about these kinds of problems. Our experts have the training necessary to handle all of your air conditioning repair needs, and all are certified to handle refrigerant. Experiencing a problem with your air conditioner? Call us today!

We Offer Ductless Air Conditioning

The name “ductless air conditioning” can throw some people off, but these systems can be great options for homes that do not have ductwork or that are expanding. Some of the benefits offered by ductless systems is customized comfort and less complicated installation. Already have a ductless AC but don’t have a reliable company for repair or maintenance? Our experts offer comprehensive ductless air conditioning services, so call us today and schedule an appointment.

What Type of Heating Services Do We Provide in Sandy Springs, GA?

We may be known for our heat, but our winters can get pretty cold. To help keep you warm throughout the winter months, Comfort Zone Heating & Cooling offers a number of heating system products, including gas and electric furnaces and heat pumps. If you have a current system, odds are that you will need repair at some point, and it’s important to have a dependable company on your side whether it’s 3pm or 3am, and this is where our experts come in: we offer emergency service around the clock and a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all work performed. Taking a risk with your heating system in the middle of winter is taking a risk for your family and your home. Let our experts handle all your heater services needs in Sandy Springs, GA, including installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement–all we need is a phone call!

We Offer Heating Repair

Tired of fighting with your heater? Let us handle it, by bringing years of expertise and training to your heating problems. Heaters malfunction for a lot of different reasons, which is why it’s so important to hire a heating expert to handle all repairs. If you are experiencing heating problems, don’t don the proverbial boxing gloves again; instead, let our heating repair pros handle the problem and get your heater back on track.

We Offer Heating Installation

Heating systems require specific and careful installation in order to work as needed and trusting the installation process to anyone short of an expert greatly increases your chances of experiencing multiple types of problems down the road. Our experts will help you correctly size your new heater, and then install it correctly the first time around. Just call us, and we’ll schedule you an appointment with one of our heating installation experts!

We Install and Service Gas and Electric Furnaces

Furnaces are serious systems, requiring an expert hand for service and installation. The heating specialists at Comfort Zone Heating & Cooling can professionally install, repair, replace, and maintain your gas or electric furnace, bringing over 100 years of combined experience to the job. Call us today!

We Install and Service Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are complex devices, and if you hire someone inexperienced or attempt to install or repair yours yourself, you may do more harm than good. When you hire one of our experts, you can rest assured that you are hiring a trained specialist who can offer your home comprehensive heat pump services.

Do You Need to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality?

Do you experience excess humidity in your home? Do you have family members who sneeze uncontrollably every time your HVAC system turns on? Then it may be time to consider the installation of an indoor air quality product in your home. Our experts can help you choose the right IAQ products for your home and install them seamlessly to work with your existing HVAC system. If you have existing indoor air quality devices, we can help with their repair, maintenance or replacement. Call us today, and let us help you breathe better air inside your home!

Need Commercial HVAC Services for Your Business?

Having a single, dependable commercial HVAC service provider for your business’s HVAC system is critical to your everyday operation, and the commercial experts at Comfort Zone Heating & Cooling are here to help. Our trained commercial experts can handle new installation, replace an outdated system, perform bi-annual maintenance or repair your existing system whenever you need it. You can be assured that your commercial space will be comfortable with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Let our comprehensive commercial HVAC services give you the peace of mind you need to concentrate on your business in Sandy Springs, GA!

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