Why Is Good Insulation Important for Effective Cooling? - Comfort Zone Heating & Cooling
May 4, 2015

When people talk about their home’s insulation, it’s usually in relation to the cold weather. The truth is that if you don’t have good insulation, you will be just as uncomfortable during the hot months as the cold months. If you aren’t sure how good your insulation level is, and have concerns that it may be low, give the experts at Comfort Zone HVAC a call today. We can check the insulation throughout your home and assess whether or not you may need more to ensure your comfort this summer.

The Job of Insulation

The job of insulation isn’t to keep you warm. Rather, it is to slow the transfer of heat. Heat moves in three ways, and the job of insulation is to significantly slow the movement of heat, no matter how it is moving. This means that in the winter, insulation slows heat loss and in the summer, it slows heat from penetrating into your home’s cooled living spaces.

How Does Insulation Help Cooling?

When you have poor insulation in your home, heat will move too freely. This means that in the summer months, the heat will move from your roof, attic space and walls into your living spaces. If you have an air conditioner and poor insulation, your air conditioner will have to work much harder to achieve your set temperature because your home can’t maintain the cool air. This can have two negative results: first, your air conditioner can wear down quickly, which can lead to malfunction, breakdown and premature aging. Second, you energy costs may soar because your air conditioner will be working overtime to keep your home cool, and when this happens, it uses more energy.

Insulation helps keep your home energy efficient, acts as a noise barrier and helps you maintain your comfort. Call our experts today and let us make sure that you have the insulation you need to keep cool this summer in Canton, GA.

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