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August 24, 2015

It’s no secret that our summer heat carries a lot of humidity. We know you feel it and your air conditioner does, too. Part of the way your air conditioner cools your home is by dehumidifying the air; but when the humidity is excessive, it can be very hard for your air conditioner to keep up with your cooling needs. A great solution can be a whole home dehumidifier installed by the experts from Comfort Zone HVAC.

Why Use One?

Your air conditioner was made to remove only a certain amount of moisture from the air; in times of excessive humidity, especially long periods of humidity, of which we have plenty here, your AC can become very taxed. The result can be poor dehumidification of your home, which can lead to discomfort, excess wear on your system and the potential for malfunction breakdown.

A whole house dehumidifier removes the excess moisture from your home before the air can enter your air conditioning system. It does this by drawing the air into the component, blowing it over cool coils where the air condenses into water, removing the water, heating the air to room temperature and then directing it to your AC for use. This benefits you and your system in a few ways. First, it takes the extra work load off your system, reducing stress, wear and tear and energy usage. Second, it makes it easier for your AC to cool your home as needed, so you’ll have the dry, cool comfort you need.

Let Us Help

A whole home upgrade like a dehumidifier is integrated into your existing air conditioning system; as such, it is important to hire a trained expert for installation and service to protect the integrity of your existing system. The indoor air quality experts at Comfort Zone HVAC are here to help with all of your dehumidification needs in Marietta, GA – just give us a call!

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