How Atlanta Air Purifiers Clean Your Air without Filters
July 18, 2016

The most common way to provide better air quality in a building is to have special filters installed into the HVAC system. (No, the standard filter for the system isn’t designed to clean the air, only protect the inside of the AC and furnace from dust and dirt.) But the mesh of polyester or fiberglass in a filter can’t affect numerous smaller particles, such as chemicals, smoke, and volatile organic compounds. Extremely thick filters can sometimes do the job—but these are not appropriate for residential HVAC systems because they’ll choke off airflow.

The answer to this problem is to call professional indoor air quality technicians to install an electronic air purifier.

How these installations work

There are a number of different methods that electronic air purifiers use to remove airborne contaminants, such as with ozone and UV lights. But we’ll look at the most common purifier type here, which is the ionizer. This device uses a method that doesn’t require any physical mesh: instead, it creates an ionization field that causes contaminants to fall from the air.

An ionizer generates an electrical discharge called a corona discharge in part of the ductwork of the HVAC system where air must pass. The discharge causes neutrally charged atoms in the air to either lose an electron (gaining a positive charge) or attract an electron (gaining a negative charge). Larger particles are more likely to develop negative or positive charges, and these are the ones that you want removed.

Once the particles are charged, one of two things happens: the particles clump together, with makes them heavy enough to drop out the of air; or the particles are attracted to a set of oppositely-charged plates on the ionizer itself. Once the particles are trapped, the plates can be removed and cleaned off.

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