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May 18, 2015

The whole point of installing a whole home air conditioning system is to feel cool and dry in your indoor living spaces. If you are feeling excess moisture in the air, your AC may need some help, and one of the best tools available is a whole home dehumidifier. Room dehumidifiers can help a little bit with dehumidifying a certain space, but to truly relieve your home of excess moisture, it’s best to install a whole house option. We offer comprehensive whole house dehumidifiers at Comfort Zone HVAC, and our specialists can install them seamlessly into your existing air conditioning system. Why install a whole home humidifier? Let’s take a look.

Problems Caused by Excess Humidity

Excess humidity can lead to a number of issues:

  • Provides a fertile atmosphere for dust mites to thrive
  • Allows mold and mildew to grow
  • Allows allergens to cling
  • Makes your indoors feel cool and clammy
  • Puts excess stress on your AC system

How Dehumidifying Works

With a whole home dehumidifier, the excess moisture is removed from your home’s indoor air before it can start to circulate with the air. This provides the following benefits for your air conditioning system:

  • Helps reduce the amount of moisture it has to remove – part of the cooling process involves removing the excess moisture from your indoor air, but when there is too much moisture, it can be hard for your AC to remove all of it. With a whole home dehumidifier, the excess is taken care of.
  • Helps reduce extra strain on your system – when we experience a long period of hot, humid air, your AC works overtime; a dehumidifier helps take some of the load off, allowing your system to work normally.
  • Helps reduce extra energy usage – extra moisture in the air means your AC has to work harder to achieve your set temperature; with a dehumidifier taking off some of the load, it won’t be using extra energy to operate.

It’s no secret that we get pretty hot and humid in Canton, GA, so if you need some extra help with the humidity, we have it. Call us today, and see what a whole home dehumidifier can do for you!

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