Does Your Home Feel Clammy and Uncomfortable?
The buckling and peeled paint on this wall is caused by high indoor-humidity.
March 15, 2021

Air-borne pollutants, such as pet dander, dust, and smoke, are not the only contributors to poor indoor air-quality. Excessive moisture in the air is also an issue for many Atlanta homes. Aside from making you feel clammy and uncomfortable, high indoor-humidity can aggravate health problems, as well as cause damage to your home and furnishings.

Excessively moist air promotes the growth of harmful bacteria, molds, and other tiny organisms, like dust mites. All of these organisms intensify the symptoms of allergies and respiratory illnesses, especially bronchitis and asthma. Furthermore, they can grow on many household materials, such as drywall, carpeting, upholstery, and mattresses. In extreme cases, the moisture itself can cause wallpaper and paint to buckle or peel.

What’s the best way to dehumidify your Atlanta home?

If you live in Atlanta, it’s a pretty safe bet that you have central air conditioning. Many people do not realize that, along with cooling indoor air, central AC systems also help to control indoor humidity. But there are cases when AC is not enough. This could be because your humidity problem is more than a central air conditioner alone can handle, or because your humidity problem is not limited to the time of year when you run your AC.

In either of these cases, there are two very good dehumidification options: a portable, or room, dehumidifier and a whole-house dehumidifier.

Four things you need to know about portable dehumidifiers:

  1. A good solution when high-humidity is a problem in just one or two rooms.
  2. Choose a dehumidifier that comes with an automatic shut-off valve. This prevents the water that collects in the tank from overflowing.
  3. If you plan on using the dehumidifier in a space with access to a drain, consider getting a model that can be connected to the drain outlet. This eliminates the need to regularly empty the water tank.
  4. If you plan on using the dehumidifier in a space where noise is an issue, look for a model that specifically states it’s designed for quiet operation.

Four things you need to know about a whole-house dehumidifier:

  1. A good solution when high-humidity is a problem throughout the house, not just a room or two.
  2. In some Atlanta homes, high-indoor humidity is a problem in the winter, as well as the summer. A whole-house dehumidifier works in tandem with your central heating and cooling system.
  3. Because a whole-house dehumidifier is integrated with your central HVAC system, it needs to be professionally installed.
  4. Ductwork is required for this option.

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