Steps for Changing Your Atlanta Furnace Filter this Winter
December 12, 2016

One of the essential tasks that you need to do to make sure that your furnace works its best over the winter is to regularly change out its air filter. This filter protects the internal components of the furnace from debris that comes in through the return air ducts. But the debris caught in the filter’s mesh will gradually build up until at some point it blocks airflow. This will cut down the furnace’s energy efficiency, and the stress on the filter can begin to allow dust and other contamination to slip in around the edges.

Changing the filter isn’t tough, however. We’ll guide you through it!

First, make sure you know where the filter is located. In most HVAC systems, it’s in a slot where the return air duct contacts the cabinet. But it may also be located behind a grill in the return air vent of the house, or in a ceiling grill.

Second, slide out the old filter and discard it. (There are permanent furnace filters, but we don’t recommend them because they lack the effectiveness of temporary filters.)

Third, slide the replacement filter in. Make sure that you purchased the right type—you can always check the old filter to find out what size filter the system uses—and that you slide it in facing the right direction. How can you tell which direction it goes? There’s an arrow on the top of the filter. When you slide the filter in, the arrow should point the same way as the direction if airflow, i.e. it should point from the return air duct and toward the furnace. A backward filter can create serious efficiency problems.

Fourth, use a marker to write the date you replaced the filter on the new filter’s side. This way you can always tell how long a filter has been in place, and you’ll know when it’s due for the next change.

If you need any assistance with your furnace this winter, Call our customer service specialists at 770-213-COOL (2665) and let us know how we can help. Comfort Zone Heating & Cooling serves Cumming and Dunwoody, GA.

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