HVAC Compressor and Heat Pump Repair in Atlanta, GA
March 13, 2014

Heat pumps use the same technology as air conditioners, only they use it to heat the home as well as cool it. The technology is quite sound, and while heat pumps struggle sometimes in cold climates (necessitating auxiliary heating to pick up the slack), they make attractive and cost effective alternatives to traditional forced-air furnaces. They work quite well here in the South, where cold weather doesn’t bother us as much as it does further north. Heat pumps run into problems just like any other mechanical system. For example, here’s a quick rundown on the compressor and heat pump repair in Atlanta, GA.

The compressor is an essential part of the refrigerant cycle. In the compressor, the refrigerant gas is compressed, increasing the temperature and the pressure. The refrigerant gas then goes to the condenser coils, which dissipate the heat into the surrounding air, causing the refrigerant to condense into a liquid state.  It then moves to the evaporator, which returns the refrigerant to a gaseous state and absorbs heat from the surrounding air in the process. The cycle then repeats again. Heat pumps can reverse this process depending on the season: either absorbing heat from inside your home and transferring it outside, or absorbing heat from the outside and transferring it in.

Problems with that component mean problems for the whole system. A defective compressor motor means that the compressor won’t start and the entire system is sabotaged (i.e., no hot or cool air). Electrical issues in the compressor can create a “hard start,” meaning that the unit cycles on and off frequently. Improper pressure levels in the compressor can reduce the unit’s heating and cooling capacity, and a breach in the compressor itself will leak refrigerant until it can be replaced.

For issues with the compressor and heat pump repair in Atlanta, GA, call upon the experts at Comfort Zone Heating & Air to help. We’re based in Atlanta, heat pump repair is part of our coverage, and we have years of experience to bring to the table.

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