HVAC Tune-ups in Atlanta Are Not Just for AC Systems
Short video covering the importance of regular heating system tune-ups and maintenance, plus other heating tips.
September 14, 2022

Whether you heat your Atlanta home with a conventional gas furnace or a heat pump, you should have the heating system tuned up and inspected each heating season. If you had professional HVAC maintenance done earlier in the year, it’s important to remember that it was most likely to get your cooling system – a conventional air conditioner or heat pump – ready for summer.

Now it’s time to do the same for the system that will keep your home warm and comfortable in the winter. Early fall, before cold temps arrive, is the best time to schedule a heating tune-up. This way, preventive maintenance and any repairs can be done before you need to heat your home.

But that’s not the only reason to have your heating system professionally tuned up each year. Annual preventive maintenance is also important for safety, efficiency, and longevity.

Top 3 Reasons for an Annual Heating Tune-up

Safety: A heating tune-up should include more than tightening loose screws or replacing worn parts. A top-notch HVAC company will also perform a thorough safety inspection. For example, the HVAC tech will look for fire hazards from faulty electrical components or wiring. In the case of a gas furnace, the heat exchanger will be inspected for cracks that release carbon monoxide into your home.

Energy Efficiency: Every season your heating system runs without a tune-up, it becomes less and less efficient, driving up your energy bills. Heating systems that are regularly maintained operate as much as 40% more efficiently than those that aren’t.

Equipment Longevity: Just because your furnace or heat pump works does not mean it is working well. Worn, loose, or dirty components put a strain on the entire heating system. This in turn can lead to expensive repairs and a shortened system lifespan. When you factor in repairs and needing to replace your heating system sooner than expected, it becomes clear just how cost-effective a yearly heating tune-up is.

For more great ways to keep your Atlanta home warm, safe, and comfortable this winter, watch our Atlanta PluggedIn video or check out these heating tips.

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