How Your Atlanta Heat Pump Cools: The Reversing Valve
June 22, 2015

A lot of people wonder what the difference between a heat pump and an air conditioner are, especially when they hear that a heat pump in AC mode is pretty much just like a regular AC. This statement isn’t exactly accurate, and here’s the reason why: the reversing valve. This component is the reason why a heat pump system can offer both heating and cooling, while an air conditioner can only offer cooling. This component is quite complex, which is why it’s important to always hire experts who have training and certification to work on heat pump systems. The experts at Comfort Zone HVAC have these credentials and many years of experience working on heat pump systems. Call us for all of your heat pump needs in Canton, GA!

Changing Modes

The way your heat pump changes modes is by changing the direction in which refrigerant is flowing. The component responsible for this change of direction is – you guessed it – the reversing valve. The valve itself is a medium-length, cylinder-shaped, metal component with a sliding mechanism. On top of the valve sits a small box; this is the solenoid. A solenoid is an electronic component, and on the reversing valve, the solenoid helps the sliding mechanism move back and forth. Each manufacturer of heat pumps determines what direction means heating and cooling, so there is no standard setting for heating or cooling on the valve. As the homeowner, all you have to do to change modes is hit the mode button on your dual-mode thermostat and the heat pump does the rest!

As you can see, the reversing valve is a specialized component, and should a problem arise with it, it’s imperative to call a heat pump expert, like ours, for help.

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