5 Simple Steps to a Lower Heating Bill
October 22, 2020

Working from home and online schooling due to the coronavirus means that many Atlanta homeowners have seen their utility bills increase. That’s to be expected since the energy once used at the office or at school is now being used at home.

As the heating season begins to ramp up, Comfort Zone wants to help keep your heating bill in check while maximizing your indoor comfort. Here are five simple things any Atlanta homeowner can do to rein in heating costs.

1. Schedule your heating tune-up.

An annual heating tune-up increases the energy efficiency of your heating system. It also ensures that the system is operating reliably and safely. Now, before winter is in full swing, is the perfect time to schedule your heating tune-up.

2. Check and change the air filter more frequently.

With the family spending more time at home, the cleaning load on your furnace’s air filter increases. In other words, the filter may become dirty or clogged faster than usual. A dirty filter not only makes the indoor air you and your family breathe unhealthy, it also makes your furnace work harder to pull air through the filter, which drives up your energy use.

3. Set your ceiling fans to winter mode.

If you use your ceiling fans only during the warmer seasons, you are not alone. Most homeowners don’t realize that ceiling fans usually have a switch that lets you change the direction of spin. When set to winter mode, ceiling fans force warm air that rises to the ceiling down to the living space. The upshot is you feel more comfortable and your heater cycles on less frequently.

4. Refresh weather stripping and caulk.

Air leaks around doors and windows are a huge source of heat loss, making your heating system work constantly to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Refreshing worn-out weather stripping and caulking is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce your heating bill. (You’ll also reap the benefits during the summer cooling season.)

5. Consider using insulating film on older windows.

Does your Atlanta home have older, inefficient windows? If you’re not ready to upgrade them, your next best option is to shrink wrap them with an insulating plastic film. Insulating kits are readily available at home-improvement and hardware stores; and you’ll also need a hairdryer. When properly installed, the film can significantly reduce heat loss and lower your heating bill.

Looking for more ways to save?

Comfort Zone is always running promotions on the HVAC equipment and services that Atlanta needs. Visit our Promotions page for seasonal ways to save or to take advantage of our Military & Seniors Discount. And for the peace of mind that comes with affordable maintenance for your heating and cooling system, you’ll want to check out all the benefits of the Comfort Club, our preventive maintenance plan.

For more great heating tips, watch our Atlanta Plugged In video.

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