When is the Time to Replace Air Conditioning in Atlanta GA?
August 29, 2013

With proper maintenance and care, a good air conditioning unit can last a long time. That means a great deal in Atlanta, GA, where hot, humid temperatures are a normal. Sooner or later, however, even the most stalwart air conditioning unit will reach a point where replacement is better than repair. That begs the question, when is the right time to replace your air conditioning for a new unit? You can further divide that question into two smaller questions: does my old unit need to be replaced and when is the best time of year to do the replacing?

For the first question, you need to gauge the overall effectiveness of your air conditioning unit as well as the frequency of repairs. If you’re suffering breakdowns on a recurring basis or your energy bills are skyrocketing far above the levels you normally expect, the older unit can probably be put out to pasture.

As far as the second question goes, it may be a situation where you can’t wait and need to act as quickly as possible, specifically if the old air conditioner breaks down in the middle of a summer heat wave. Ideally, however, you may want to wait until the cool temperatures of fall arrive. That gives the service technician time to do the job properly while the temperatures are low and you won’t need the unit to cool your home. Spring also makes a good time, though early spring is preferable since you never know when the mercury levels are going to rise.

Regardless of the time or circumstances, you want a qualified professional to do the job. The service technicians at Comfort Zone Heating & Air have years of experience on their side and serve homes throughout both Atlanta and the whole of northern Georgia. Call us today, and let us replace your air conditioning system the right way.

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