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January 16, 2017

The winter seasons here in Georgia don’t last long. We’ll have a few cold spells, but already the weather is routinely cresting into the 60s during the day. Before we know it, we’’l be enjoying the spring weather…

…and we’ll be putting our air conditioning systems back to use.

Right now is a good time to consider what to do to help prepare your air conditioner for the hot weather ahead. You never want it to go back into full operation without some important checks and maintenance tasks. Let’s look at what you can do to see that your AC is ready for the heat.

Replace the filters

If you have a standard HVAC system with an air conditioner and furnace stored together in one cabinet, then they use the same air filter. This filter collects debris when either the AC or furnace runs, and you don’t want the air conditioner to start the warm weather with a clogged filter. Check the filter to see if it’s clogged and change it if it is. Otherwise, wait a month and change it anyway.

Clear the outdoor cabinet

Plenty of debris, such as leaves and branches, can collect over the outside cabinet during the winter. (We recommend covering the AC with a waterproof canvas during the winter to prevent this.) Use a hose to clean the outside of the cabinet and move away any debris around it. Cut down weeds that have grown around it as well.

Call for professional maintenance

The rest of the work to prep the AC is easy—have somebody else do it! Specifically, an HVAC professionals. Annual maintenance before summer arrives is an essential part of making sure an air conditioner remains in top shape for many years. We offer our Comfort Club to provide annual maintenance for both ACs and heaters.

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