May 11, 2018

A ductless air conditioning system is similar to a traditional split-system AC in that it has an outdoor unit that houses a compressor and condenser. As its name indicates, it delivers cool air not through ductwork but with individual blowers mounted throughout a house and connected to the outside unit through a conduit. A single outdoor unit can support up to four blowers.

The Pros of a Ductless System

Ductless air conditioners offer several benefits.

Energy efficiency – The blowers are individually operated, allowing you to target cooling in specific areas. Less cooling means less operation for your air conditioner, which can save you both energy and money.

No need for expensive ductwork – A ductless system eliminates the need for the installation of expensive new ductwork or the repair of old ductwork.

Customized comfort – Each blower works independently, allowing temperatures to vary between rooms or areas.

Easy expansion – If you want to expand the cooling range of your system within your home, all you need is another blower.

Lower noise levels – The blowers are made to run quietly, eliminating the sounds that a window unit or traditional split-system might make.

The Cons of a Ductless System

Ductless systems also have disadvantages, although they are far outweighed by the benefits. The biggest drawback is the upfront cost. A ductless solution will cost roughly two to three times the price of a traditional installation.

A second drawback is maintenance. It’s important to change or wash AC filters every month to maximize system performance and reduce the chances that accumulated debris will damage your system. You can take on this task to avoid the price tag attached to professional cleaning.  But the do-it-yourself approach is less appealing with a ductless system, because each individual blower houses its own filter.

Finally, ductless systems aren’t very aesthetically pleasing. The relatively large and bulky blowers must be installed throughout the home and can’t be covered.

Is a ductless system right for you? We hope the above has given you some insight into this type of cooling system. If you still have questions or want to discuss further how a ductless AC might be a good choice for you, call Comfort Zone Heating & Air today and schedule an appointment with one of our experts.



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