Here Are Mistakes Amateur Atlanta AC Installers Often Make
May 30, 2016

The modern central air conditioning system is a complex refrigeration device. To properly install one (or replace an older one) and have the new system work both efficiently and effectively requires the work of licensed professionals.

But for the sake of argument, let’s say that you know an amateur who makes you a low-price offer to set you up with a new air conditioning system. You might think, “Well it can’t be that bad. What could really go wrong?”

Plenty! Below are some of the errors that an amateur installer might make—in fact, errors they often do make:

  • Overcharging the refrigerant: Each air conditioning system runs on a set charge (amount) of chemical refrigerant. Any more or less will cause the system to work ineffectively and will eventually cause malfunctions with the compressor. It’s common for amateurs to put in too much refrigerant (overcharging it) from the start.
  • Not allowing enough clearance: The outside cabinet of an air conditioner, which is called the condenser, needs to have around 2 feet on all side of it to permit it to properly circulate air and exhaust heat. Poor placement will have a severe effect on the system’s energy efficiency.
  • Overlong refrigerant lines: The copper pipes that carry refrigerant between the two units of an air conditioning system cannot be too long, or else they will cause the compressor to struggle to complete its cycle and end up running without stop.
  • Poorly sized unit: An inexperienced installer will not know the right size of AC to install, and can end up putting in one that’s either underpowered or overpowered. Either situation will cause problems and can only be fixed with a replacement. Professionals use a special heat load calculation to make sure they install the right size of unit.

Make sure that you have your air conditioning installation done right the first time: always call on trained and experienced professionals for the job.

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