Clean Outdoor Atlanta HVAC | Comfort Zone Heating & Cooling
July 2, 2018

Your outdoor AC unit needs extra attention because it is exposed to the elements all the time. Dirt, leaves, grass clippings, pollen, storm debris, soot and other contaminants can interfere with your system’s normal operation. If you’re looking to cut your utility bills by increasing energy efficiency – without sacrificing indoor comfort – a thorough AC coil cleaning is a good start.

You can take this on yourself if you’re extremely careful – it’s surprisingly easy to accidentally damage your unit this way. We strongly recommend that a professional HVAC technician conduct a safety inspection of your system before you try to clean it.

Among other potentially serious issues, the coil might need an acid wash prior to conventional cleaning. It’s better to have a professional HVAC technician carry out the entire process, and it’s better still to make coil cleaning part of an annual maintenance routine. There are many household maintenance tasks that you can do yourself to save time and money, but in this case it’s best to call in the professionals at Comfort Zone Heating & Cooling.

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