Atlanta, GA Air Conditioning FAQ: Is My AC Worth Repairing?
July 29, 2013

Your air conditioning system gets a ton of use throughout the summer keeping your home comfortable, which can lead to the need for repair. However, you may be wondering if your home’s air conditioning system is really worth repairing. This is a legitimate question to ask and we wanted to put together a quick explanation of some of the things that you can consider when your AC needs repair that could indicate that replacement might be a better option. Give us a call here at Comfort Zone Heating & Air if you need any services for your air conditioning in Atlanta, GA.

  • Frequency of repair – While it is typical for an air conditioning system to require repair at some point of its operation, if you start to have to get more and more repairs for it then you may want to consider replacing it. Frequent repairs are usually indicative of an air conditioning system that is failing, and repair costs can add up, making replacement the smarter option.
  • Inefficient operation – Another indication that you may want to consider replacing your air conditioning system is inefficient operation. No matter how good your equipment is, it will lose efficiency over time. If you find that cooling your home is causing your energy bills to skyrocket, it might be time to replace. Installing a new, high efficiency system can save you a lot of money on your monthly energy bills.
  • Age of the system – One of the best indicators of whether or not you should replace your air conditioning system is how old the system is. If you have an older AC, then you may want to consider paying to replace it instead of paying to repair it, since the costs will be less in the long run.

When you need any kind of installation or replacement services for your air conditioning in Atlanta, GA, just call the technicians at Comfort Zone Heating & Air. We can help you find a new system that matches your home’s needs and your budget.

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