A Full House Can Raise Indoor Air Temperature
April 8, 2020

Atlanta AC Tips: Keeping Cool During the COVID-19 Outbreak

The stay-at-home order to lessen the spread of COVID-19 brings a new normal to many Atlanta households. With the entire family home all of the time, your house might seem warmer than usual. That’s to be expected for a couple of reasons.

How a Full House Affects Indoor Air Temperature

One of the reasons your house may feel warm is body heat. Since no one is gone for long periods during the day, all that body heat is generated 24/7 in your home.  The other is appliances. You’re likely to be using your stove, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, and other appliances more, all of which produce heat.

These seemingly little things add up to a warmer home. So, don’t be surprised if you need to run your air conditioner a degree or two cooler in order to stay comfortable. It does not necessarily mean your AC isn’t working properly.

But what if you lower your thermostat and still don’t feel cool enough?

4 Things to Check When Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Cooling

Before you call for HVAC service, we recommend doing a few simple checks around the home. You might be able to find and correct the problem that’s causing reduced cooling.

  • Vents: Make sure vents are open and not covered by rugs or furniture.
  • Filter: Make sure the filter is clean and installed correctly. The filter is located in the indoor part of the AC system. The airflow arrows on the side of the filter should point toward the blower motor, not toward the filter access panel.
  • Outdoor Unit: Check that airflow around the outdoor unit, also called the condenser, is not obstructed by bushes, tall grass, or debris.
  • Fan: The fan is located in the outdoor unit and is covered by a grate on top of the unit. Make sure the fan is free of leaves and debris.

If you find and correct any of these problems and your AC is still not cooling sufficiently, it’s time to schedule AC repair.

Comfort Zone’s Social-Distancing and Safety Measures

We understand that you might feel uneasy about having someone in your home during this time. We want to assure you that we take the health and safety of our customers – and our staff – very seriously. For this reason, we’ve implemented several safety measures that will allow us to provide the essential services Atlanta needs while making your health and safety our top priority.

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