AC Repair in Atlanta: Low Refrigerant | Comfort Zone HVAC
July 23, 2013

Air conditioning relies on refrigerant to cool your home. The refrigerant runs through a closed system, which means it will maintain the same levels indefinitely. No system is perfect, however, and leaks may appear no matter how carefully you maintain your system. In Atlanta, with its hot summers and high humidity, a low refrigerant charge can spell serious discomfort. An air conditioning repair tech can recharge your refrigerant, but before you call in an expert, you need to spot the signs that your refrigerant charge is low.

A non-functioning air conditioner is the most obvious sign that you need to recharge your refrigerant. More specifically, your air conditioning may run, but no cold air will emerge from your vents, or the air won’t be nearly as cool as you need it to be. In some cases, the air conditioning will refuse to turn on at all, as safety switches activate in response to the low refrigerant levels.

You also see the problem reflected both in the immediate environment, and in your monthly electric bill, as the AC must work harder to cool your home and thus creates a spike in your electrical usage. On a more technical level, a low refrigerant charge may create ice on your evaporator coils or on your suction lines. You may notice puddles of water developing on your furnace floor – a likely sign that ice is being created where it shouldn’t.

The consequences of a low refrigerant charge should not be underestimated. Besides significantly interfering with your AC’s ability to function, it can also create additional problems in your system, which may require serious repairs. Furthermore, refrigerant leaks can have a very negative impact on the environment. If your refrigerant charge is low, call the professionals at Comfort Zone Heating & Air. We service the entire Atlanta area and specialize in air conditioning repair of all varieties. Contact us today and let us recharge your refrigerant levels safely and securely. 

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