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Comfort Zone Heating & Cooling Shares Info Homeowners Need to Know on Atlanta Plugged In

Atlanta, GA, April 2, 2018

Comfort Zone Heating & Cooling has a well-earned reputation for working with its customers so they always have the information they need to keep their homes comfortable and to make informed decisions about HVAC repairs and replacements. Now Comfort Zone is bringing that information to a larger audience with appearances on Atlanta Plugged In. This spring, three 2-minute segments featuring Comfort Zone co-owners Travis Hoffmeier, Brian Schaeffer, and Stacy Watkins will air on CBS46 (air dates to be determined).

Hoffmeier explains what SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) is and what homeowners need to know to select a cooling system with the right SEER for their situation. Schaeffer covers how indoor air quality, not just air temperature, affects the overall comfort of a home. Watkins explains why it makes sense to replace heating and cooling systems at the same time.

Videos of the Atlanta Plugged In segments can also be viewed on Comfort Zone’s website by visiting . There, visitors will find Understanding SEER; How Indoor Air Quality Directly Affects the Comfort of Your Home; and Why You Should Replace Your HVAC Unit as a Whole, along with additional educational videos.

Content of all of the videos focuses on practical knowledge, rather than highly technical details.

“HVAC can be confusing and even intimidating to homeowners. Our goal with Atlanta Plugged In and our videos is to give folks solid information they can put to use to keep their homes comfortable, their HVAC equipment running smoothly, and to make smart repair and replacement decisions,” says Watkins.

To learn more about Comfort Zone’s products and services, please visit www.ComfortZone.Cool or call 770-213-COOL (2665).