July 24, 2017

ductless-wall-unit-blowing-airDucts are such as standard part of central air conditioning (as well as heating) that people take it for granted that they have to be there. If someone asks you to picture a central air conditioning system in a home, what do you see? Chances are high it’s a network of metal and flexible plastic ducts branching out from an indoor evaporator unit and reaching out to each room.

There’s no question that using ducts to distribute cool air around a home is effective. But it isn’t the only option for central cooling. If the only alternative to a ductwork system that you can think of is using ugly and inferior AC window units, we have good news for you: the ductless mini split system. We’ve talked before about the reasons to install a ductless AC, but we’d like to go into more detail here. Specially, we want to look at how ducts really can be a serious problem for an air conditioner—and why taking them out of the equation is helpful in many ways.

The Flaws of Ductwork

Ducts are prone to damage from a number of sources. One we’re used to here in Atlanta is moisture causing corrosion. Other ways that ducts suffer damage include animal infiltration (from insects to rats) and high air pressure in the ventilation system. And, unfortunately, many modern ductwork systems were poorly installed in the first place, making them prone to start falling apart. You can always arrange for duct replacement service with us to deal with these troubles—but we also encourage you to think about skipping ducts entirely, especially if your either building a new home or planning to remodel your current one.

Here are some of the ways ducts can be an annoyance or a serious problem:

  • Air leaks contribute to a major rise in the cost to run an AC. Up to 30% of the air in the ducts will simply escape into closed-off areas of the house before it reaches the rooms.
  • Poor ductwork, whether leaky or just badly designed, places extra strain on an AC, leading to more repairs and a shorter lifespan.
  • Bad ducts can lead to inferior air quality and generally poor circulation of air around the house.
  • Even without damage, ducts gain and lose heat through their walls, lowering AC (and heater) efficiency.

Going Ductless

It’s easy to see how a ductless mini split system solves the problems that ductwork offers: it doesn’t have any ducts! A ductless AC has higher efficiency, no need to spend money on duct repairs, and can improve indoor air quality.

If you want to find out more about ductless mini splits or other types of air conditioning installations in Alpharetta, GA and the surrounding areas, we’re the people to call on. We work with many types of cooling systems and heat pumps, and we are always upfront about costs and offer you experience and friendly customer service.

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