May 6, 2013

Considering the extreme heat and humidity that seem to envelop Atlanta entirely during the summer months, it’s no wonder that our air conditioners suffer a bit more wear and tear than other places in the country.  No matter what type of AC you have, your outdoor unit seems to work the hardest to keep your home full of crisp, refreshing cool air. Both the compressor and condenser coils are housed there, and the weatherized unit itself is specially designed to remove heat from the refrigerant so that your indoor unit can cool the air. Here are some common problems with outdoor units. For comprehensive Atlanta air conditioning repair, call the specialists at Comfort Zone Heating & Air today!

  • Banging noise: You should expect your AC to make a certain amount of noise during its operation. After all, considering the various complicated mechanisms that go on within its various internal components, it’s surprising it doesn’t make more sound. That said, any unusual sounds are often strong indicators that something is not right with your AC. If you hear a banging noise coming from your outdoor unit, then you may have a loose component within the outdoor unit, such as a damaged fan blade. Alternatively, your compressor may have internal damage, and may need to be replaced.
  • Dirty coils: While your indoor air filter is designed to prevent the accumulation of dust and debris on the AC’s internal components, your outdoor unit is particularly susceptible to dirt, grime, and other substances that get caked onto the condenser coils. If the coils get clogged enough, you need professional repair to help get them clean again. Dirty coils present problems to the heat dissipation phase of the refrigerant cycle.
  • Low refrigerant: If your AC has a low level of refrigerant circulating through its coils, then it will simply not operate efficiently or effectively. The most common cause of low refrigerant is a leak somewhere on the coils. Because they are outdoors and subject to greater risk of physical damage, the condenser coils, as well as the copper lineset that connects the outdoor and indoor units may have developed a leak over the years.

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